How to Choose a Domain Name

How to Choose a Domain Name

If you’re trying to figure out how to choose a domain name, it isn’t as easy as you might think. Does it have a nice ring to it? Or does it limit the types of products you can sell? Is it brandable or focused on exact match keywords? What does a customer feel when they hear your domain name? Like I mentioned, it’s not as easy as picking and buying a domain name. Don’t worry this article, will help remind you of the importance of a domain name, give you tips to help you with your domain name search, where to find the best domain name generators and teach you how to buy a domain name.

Some brands choose to add keywords in their domain name to help it rank better in search. You can choose to do an exact match domain name like L’Oreal did with Or you can create a brand name with a keyword in it like the brand

Adding keywords to your domain name allows people to immediately know what you sell on your store. This works best for niche stores. If you choose a domain name with a keyword in it, make sure the keyword is popular. For example, a store name with the keywords ‘cycling shorts’ is restricting. However, having the ‘cycling’ keyword allows you to sell more products within that niche.

However, the downside to having keywords in your domain is that it can restrict what you sell over the long term. For example, if Amazon’s website was called, they’d eventually have to change their domain name as they began to expand their product collections. Having keywords in their domain name would’ve made it more challenging to grow their brand to include other products.

If you heard a domain name from a friend or on the radio would you know how to spell it? Some words can sound the same but be spelled differently like ‘read’ and ‘red’ or ‘feat’ and ‘feet’ or ‘pair’ and ‘pear.’ Avoid using homonyms in your domain name as it can lead to incorrect spellings of your domain.

You should also use words that are easy to spell. If it has a silent letter like knapsack, is a hard to spell word like handkerchief, or is spelled differently in different countries like center and centre, it can pose problems if people try to type in the exact domain into the search bar.

Choose words with fewer characters. On average a domain name should be 5-6 characters in length, though the average is typically about 13 characters. By having fewer characters, it’s likely that the word will be easier to spell. Avoid using long or complicated words in your domain name.