E-commerce-a new gateway to earn money

E-commerce-a new gateway to earn money

E-commerce-a new gateway to earn money

This is the activity where you sell and buy stuff from an online market or internet. It includes many kinds of technologies such as internet marketing, data electronic charge, inventory management systems and data interchange. Worldwide web is used in this e-commerce and email is also used for this purpose. Examples of e-commerce transactions include buying a book on Amazon, music purchase like iTunes and to a very less extent customized liquor products.

Areas of e-commerce

There are basically three areas for e-commerce

  • Online retailing
  • Electric markets
  • Online auction

All these forms are supported by electronic business.

Features of e-commerce

  • Online shopping can be done through the e-commerce business.
  • Buying and selling for the business purpose.
  • Data interchange for business purpose.
  • Financial exchange
  • Currency exchange



For starting any kind of e-commerce business there are some of the regulations by the governmental authorities. In every country, certain acts and laws have been passed regarding e-commerce. Many people besides this carry out spam or scam business.

So, authorities have to keep a constant check on the activities of this businessman. Certain forms are being signed by the designer and the owner of the project.


E-commerce has increased the per capita income of any country to a great extent. It helps to decrease the unemployment and families are fed properly. There are also a certain number of taxes which an e-commerce businessman needs to pay to the government. All the transactions are being done through an IBAN account. Many websites provide you with these services free and some of the companies charge the fee for the registration.

Digital channels:

In the past, it has the only website for e-commerce business. But now mobile app is also an option. Now the meaning of e-commerce is broadened and people are engaging themselves in this technology a lot lately


E-commerce has also great benefits for the customer market. Now you don’t have to leave your home and by just clicking on the mobile or computer you can buy the thing you want. Power of customer shopping is increased by online media. Now they can contrast the prices of different online retailers and can select the most affordable one.

Human and especially face-to-face interaction is now lacking in customers. This poses a threat to the market and its shopkeepers as everything can now be done through your home. Sometimes online shopping can also deliver you a wrong item so you have to be careful while relying on internet technology.