Is Facebook Advertising Worth It?

Is Facebook Advertising Worth It?

Facebook advertising has become very popular over the years. It is the cheapest way to advertise online defeating google ads and web ads. Facebook permits the advertiser to target the right audience advertising where your target market is making it more constructive than any other way of online advertising. With more than 2 billion users, Facebook becomes even more effective – whoever your best possible client is can be targeted by the ad.


The statistics show that 80% of internet users are on Facebook and can be reached just by paying as little as $1 a day to advertise. Thus, Facebook is not only the cheapest way to advertise but also it by far targets more people compared to other advertising platforms. Through Facebook pixels, the advertising can be tracked and measured, who’s visiting your website and what behavior they have for instance did they add anything to their cart? Did they buy? What other pages they have visited and so forth. With such kind of information, the advertiser knows whether to continue to advertise to them in other sales schemes and make them customers.

How to advertise Successful

Facebook advertising will bring results if one has focused on the right group of people. One must know which market first and target it and normally a narrow audience is likely to be reached faster and effectively than not knowing who you are targeting. If your target is too broad, it becomes costly and will not bring any results/income. The ad copy must also be made to specifically target the challenge the customer has. Creating different ad copies with different customer challenges at first is good so that the right one is determined and used. Also, another trick is to make the image count.

The image on your ad copy must not only catch the customer’s eye but also stand out from the rest. Because lots of people are advertising, the customer will not have time to look at each advert but only those that catch their eye. Make video ads as well. Facebook values video ads and are always on the newsfeed. Making videos to advertise might be difficult and time costly but they will give a better reach and more engagement access than other forms of content. The average hours a Facebook user watches videos is estimated to 100 million a day, Facebook must give weight to video content.