What are the best niches and best kind of store for me to choose?

There are a ton of niches and store types to be sold – Baby Products, Kitchen Products and many more. If you are unsure what type of store that you want to create – we can assist! Let us know what your interests are and our team will find the best solution that will bring you the most profit.

Does JustStarterSites offer a Money back guarantee?

Of course! We promise all customers a 100% money back guarantee on any & all services that we fail to provide.

How do I get more sales?

Marketing Marketing and more marketing. Ultimate the key to whether your store will be successful relies on building your brand and utilizing social media marketing strategies. We offer one on one training for entrepreneurs to help establish your brand and learn how to leverage social media outlets. Check out one of our E Books out with in depth solutions for social media marketing or contact our team at JustStarterSites@gmail.com to schedule a one on one training session.

Do you guys guarantee any sales?

Your store will be fully built and ready for use however we cannot guarantee that you will receive sales. Entrepreneurship and running a business is hard work and sales will depend upon the effort put in to drive traffic to your store and building your brand. 

I’m just a beginner, how much will you guys help?

We give our customers all of the tools to succeed in running an online business. Our customer service team will provide unlimited support and communication with you to ensure that your store is fully functional. We will any and all questions about the basic functionality of how to run your store and process payments.