Shopify-an e-commerce company

Shopify-an e-commerce company

Shopify-an e-commerce company

It is an e-commerce company in Canada. Its headquarters are in Ottawa, Ontario. It is a platform for online and e-commerce business. Many different services are offered to online retailers. It includes the marketing, banking and payments for the online retailers. A process of doing business is simplified. 600,000 merchants use this company and $26 billion is the amount of its income in 2017. So, this is a very strong online company for the people who are looking to start online work.

History of Shopify

It was founded in 2004 when three people who wanted to start their own online brand came across with the idea of creating this platform. So, in June 2006 this Shopify platform was launched.

Till then new departments have been added to this platform. In 2019 it has announced its own production house for the television and media community. In this way, more people can get a benefit from this site.

Entrepreneur space

Soon Shopify is going to set up a physical store in Los Angeles. In this way businessman can interact with each other will have honest opinions. Staff will give honest advice to you. In this way, you will get to have new ventures and opportunities for the business.  


Many people also went through the process of criticizing the Shopify brand but with time it gained much popularity. So now the criticism is decreasing with time.

Advantages of Shopify  

You get to have your own personal space for marketing a brand. This is a very helpful site and will help you in all your problems related to the e-commerce business. There are a lot of options on this website for e-commerce. They help you to build your own business. The trial of this software is free which will last for 14 days.

You can manage and market your business with this software. Shopify gives you different types of tools for making your own store. Within a day you are able to start up your own work. This site is best for those who have a low budget and want to start with a small business. It also gives you different business options.  

Business empowerment is also a great benefit of this Shopify platform. In this way, you will be independent within no time. You can also move or buy your business with Shopify. If you are a starter then Shopify is the best place for you.