Shopify POS Card Reader

Shopify POS Card Reader

Shopify is undoubtedly the leader in E Commerce and the essential tool required for any pre-existing ‘Brick and Mortar’ small business looking to traverse the online landscape. Shopify allows for business owners to be able to create legitimate large scaled businesses without much initial capital investment required. Running a business is tough. Luckily, with the advent of new technology, Shopify continues to cater to those looking to navigate the slippery slope of entrepreneurship and realize their dreams. All of the legwork and grind will never be completely removed however Shopify certainly gives those driven individuals all the tools necessary that they need.

The online platform connects businesses directly with their audiences and creates a dynamic where exchange between merchant and customer can be performed with ultimate ease.

Every step that Shopify makes is for the entrepreneur and the dreamer. To help even the odds and live the life that he or she imagines for themselves, new features and add ons are constantly introduced into the E-Commerce platform. This process is constantly being updated and improved to create a great environment for doing business and has just gotten better with the unique release of the  Shopify POS (Point of Sale) Card reader.

The Shopify credit card reader is conveniently designed to be portable but amazingly powerful. It is no larger than your smart phone and can accept Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Visa cards for your store. It can easily plug right into most of your mobile devices for quick and easy ‘on the go’ transactions. This includes your Android Phones, Apple Iphone and tablet.

The payments are safely secured with Shopify’s certified EMV chip technology to protect both your customers as well as yourself. In a time where major cyber security attacks have proven to be devastating to many businesses across the world– Shopify’s POS card reader provides you with industry-leading encryption technology.

The portable ability of this option allows you to make a sale anywhere! Run into a potential customer on vacation in Florida? NO PROBLEM. The portability and compact size allows the card reader to be readily used to accept a payment anywhere and synchronize with your Shopify store. The software’s synchronization capabilities also allows you as the business owner to add products, prices and inventory at any given moment on the go. Your card reader can readily connect with the Shopify payments system allowing for very competitive card swipe rates.

In addition to it’s compact size, the card reader also has wireless capabilities and can easily pair with your Android or Apple device.  The card reader is versatile and card payments can be both swiped or dipped using one of the accepted debit/credit cards. This portable devise can operate off a batter charge and a full charge can last up to 400 chip or 700 swipe transactions.

As mentioned earlier, entrepreneurship can be a challenging and difficult journey. You will be tested like never before. You will fail. Fail repeatedly. But you will also win. And the beauty lying in each failure, is the opportunity to learn something  from each mistake to move yourself forward. Shopify’s platform helps us cut our losses. It’s a platform where everyone’s mistakes are learned from and new technology & add ons are created to prevent you from making similar mistakes. Ultimately and simply put, making your life easier. The Shopify POS card reader is a piece of technology that helps make your life easier. Don’t miss out on potential customers that you meet in passing with its portability. Help prevent fraudulent activity within your business with it’s top notch security encryption technology. Make your customers lives easier by allowing them to simply swipe their card to make a purchase on your store. This is a piece of technology that can help you get more sales and get the job DONE.

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